We don’t want to get too legal with Terms and Conditions. But, we need to make sure that you and TheCamel.co® are both in agreement to some simple things.


Camel and Straw Media Pty Ltd (referred here as “TheCamel.co®” or “TheCamel”) terms and conditions are simple and straightforward. These are activated once an email of confirmation from you for your order (of any kind of service that we offer) are received by our team. 

TheCamel will use email, skype chat, zoom meeting  and/or text messaging for any form of communication with you.

TheCamel holds no responsibility if there will be outside links, such as third party applications or websites, have changes or major updates that affected the functionality 5 days after the submission approval date.


TheCamel makes no guarantees that any of its products or services will increase your business, give you page one Google ranking, increase revenues, or even cure global warming, the common cold or create world peace.


TheCamel believes that the customer is not always right. If you treat any of our staff with disrespect with verbal or written abuse we will advise you of that, and ask you to play nice. Please note that all the Team of TheCamel.co are under strict non compete clauses with the employment contracts that they sign, should you approach any of our Team behind our back and discuss the potential of them working for you "On The Side" you could place them in Legal Jeopardy and Possibly cost them there job, so please be respectful of your relationship with TheCamel.co and the well being of our team. Should any of these points arise, we also reserve the right to terminate our business with you.


TheCamel reserves the right to decline projects that have content that is discriminatory, violent or is sexually explicit in nature.

We update our Terms and Conditions from time to time (without prior notice)  so we suggest you check it every now and then.

All dollar figures here are in US Dollars currency, unless otherwise, clearly specified.


Definition of terms

“Website” and “site” are used here interchangeably both hold the same meaning referring to a page or collection of pages on the World Wide Web

“Full build” refers to (if used as a verb) building the site fully on the Duda platform; (if used as a noun) a website completely built or will be built on the Duda platform.

“Minor changes” refers to any edits or changes in text, replacement of images, change of color, but it does not considerably affect the layout of the website and does not include technical work. This does not refer include any additional pages or features.

1.1 TheCamel requires its clients or direct customers to complete our build form for each site you want us to build so as to get it to our system and won’t get lost in an email thread.

1.2 TheCamel will provide you with a quotation and estimated timeframe after reviewing all the information you entered on our official build form.

1.3 In cases where the customer has a current website, TheCamel must be informed of the total number of pages and the features they want to keep for the new site before we give a quotation.

1.4 If the customer wishes TheCamel to count the pages of the current website with more than 10 pages, this will have a charge of $15. This charge can be credited against the final build cost when you proceed with the order.

1.5 TheCamel requires you to submit all the information and web contents needed to complete  your site before we proceed to building it.

1.6 TheCamel will design a mockup (for plans with this inclusion Site180 and Site300 are not supplied with an Initial Mockup), and present that to you within 72 working hours for approval before the site moves to a full build. The mockup is a design concept nature and contains minimal content. This mockup will be charged at a rate of a front-page build, and is payable regardless of moving to a full build site or not. If a full build site is ordered, the mockup cost will be waived and only the site  build cost will be invoiced.

1.7 Upon approval of this mockup, TheCamel will invoice you for the 50% deposit based on the quotation you have agreed to and when that deposit has been confirmed as paid, TheCamel will then move to a full build of the website which will be finalized within 7-21 working days on average for standard build. This can take longer depending on the complexity and/or number of pages of the website.

1.8 TheCamel will design and build your website using the information and assets you provided us with on the build form.

1.9 TheCamel will use images/photos provided by you or will offer images from its library or from the internet. Any image found that is required to be purchased by TheCamel, you will be advised of the cost. Upon your approval, this cost will be an addition to your invoice.

1.10 Images and Videos should be properly labeled and of the best quality possible. Videos should only be on YouTube or Vimeo, no other formats will be accepted. TheCamel will not be responsible for restoring low resolution  images or recreating / redesigning an image to make it high resolution.

1.11 TheCamel offers 2 free sets of  minor changes after the site is done. The customer is expected to check all the pages of the site on different devices before sending back changes. Any additions/changes to the site that have not been provided in the initial information, and are not associated with the original information will be completed at an additional cost of $15 USD per hour.

1.12 TheCamel will transfer the website, template, or any product only after the invoices are settled.

1.13 TheCamel  will only provide access to the website  after it has been made live. Any changes made by the client that result in site damages, malfunction, and the like, will not be the responsibility of TheCamel. We will be able to repair the damage at an additional cost.

1.14 All site build plans will be automatically enrolled in the Monthly Website Support program for a minimum term of 6 months. You can choose to opt out after 6 months.


Logo, Brochure, Business Cards, Flyers

2.1 TheCamel will ask the customer to fill out  the order form  for  all the details needed  to get started. TheCamel will then advise the total cost for the said project unless otherwise explicitly stated like that of logos.

2.2 TheCamel will send an invoice and start the project once paid in full.

2.3 TheCamel will create 2 versions of the logo and will submit JPG files within 24-48 hrs.

2.4 TheCamel will allow 1 free set of changes for the logo if there's anything that needs to be adjusted according to the client's initial request.

2.5 Change of reference or new set of instructions will be considered as a new order. We will advise you of the cost, send an invoice, and start once paid.

2.6 After the customer approves the design, they will receive the PSD/AI file of the order.


3.1 TheCamel.co® will analyze, ask for more information or clarification regarding the information that was provided by the client and send suggestions or recommendations for its improvement.

Once all clear, we will determine the Level of technical work this will fall into, and will send the final step by step flow, cost, time frame and requirements.

At this point, the customer is expected to approve, object or send changes to the flow. Once all good with the customer, TheCamel will send the cost, timeframe and requirements.

3.2 Once the customer approved the flow, we expect that they have understood all the things we have discussed and will cooperate, provide the necessary requirements, and approve the cost associated with it.

3.3 Upon approval, we will send an invoice for the full amount then start the project once paid.

3.4 Any additional feature or adjustments to be made that are not included in the original idea will be subject to additional fee. Once paid, we will proceed with the additional changes.

3.5 TheCamel has the right to discontinue a project if the customer failed to provide the complete information.

3.6 Once TheCamel submitted the technical work or widget, we expect the client to check the said work on their end and approve it's all done and working very well.

Any objection after the approval will be subject to investigation to whether it needs an additional cost or not

3.7 License of Widgets. When you purchase a widget from TheCamel, you acquire the right to use that item; you're not actually acquiring the item itself. What you get includes a license directly from TheCamel to use that item, and TheCamel.co® is the owner of the Intellectual Property of that item. The item is for use only, it is not to be sold, lent, rented, given away, gifted you can’t even put it in your will. It is for use for your sites only on the Duda dashboard we install the item in.

All TheCamel.co® widgets are developed to work with the Duda platform. Once TheCamel.co® transfers any widget to another dashboard of any duda account. We do not guarantee the performance of the widget should there be a conflict due to any other code or application non Duda being added to the Duda site of which the widget is intended. Should the user of TheCamel.co® widget change, adjust, add any code themselves or introduce any other third party code as part of any other application from any other party we do not guarantee the performance or operation of TheCamel.co® widget as originally intended and therefore will take zero liability in a sites performance issues.

3.8 With all Widget Purchases please choose carefully as there is no refund or redemption once any widget has been transferred to your account as we cannot take it back. Also note that there is a no refund on any technical works to enhance or customize any widget. Your acceptance of a proposal by TheCamel.co signifies your agreement to pay all invoices pertaining to all or any works to that proposal you have agreed upon via a return email.


This pertains to handling tickets/email questions for your customer using your brand.

4.1 The client must provide the initial number of customers to be handled by TheCamel.co®.

4.2 TheCamel will send a price range starting at the initial number of customers declared by the customer. It will also be affected by the response time required by the client.

4.3 The client should provide the ticketing system or email address and the response time tracker to be used by our team.

4.4 Once approved, the client is required to pay one month advance and minimum of 6 months subscription. To cancel the service, we must be informed 30 days before the desired termination month.

4.5 Failure to pay the invoice will stop working on the tickets until the invoices are cleared.

4.6 TheCamel has the right to say no if we think the process that the client wants to implement doesn't fit with what we can offer.


5.1 TheCamel Digital Marketing Team creates & builds all campaigns / optimises all websites based on the information and assets provided from the form, missing details will affect the delivery time and completion. We require all customers to complete the SEM/SEO form as much as possible.

5.2 Optimisation - TheCamel must be informed of any changes made to your website. Search engines on the other hand constantly launch new updates and adjust algorithms accordingly, and such, search ranking fluctuation for SEO and traffic fluctuation for SEM may occur. This may result in unfavorable outcomes which are out of TheCamel’s control, and we can't be considered in charge of such activities or events. We’ll try to optimise and align our strategies based on these updates, ensure that we promote the latest products and services of the business and will advise for any additional costs that may apply.

5.3 Client Approval - Customers must review, liaise and approve any details that are being sent by TheCamel Digital Marketing Team. Not approving it will hold the publishing process where ads will not serve online or work will be delayed which can result in a restart of the activities.

5.4 Required Credentials - Any Google Account that the TheCamel Digital Marketing Team requires must be provided (e.g. Google Analytics, Google My Business and Google Search Console). If you do not wish to provide us with your login credentials, we can give you our email address where you could share Google Accounts through there. As part of the fulfillment, we create a dedicated Google Account to use for whitelabeling. The created dedicated Google Account will be used to store all clients Google-related accesses needed for SEM/SEO management (such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads MCC ID, etc).

We require allowing granted permission at the highest level as possible. Confidentiality of your credentials being shared to TheCamel Digital Marketing Team are expected to be maintained.

5.5 Service Scope - Other requests like scripts that are not part of the availed package must be done and installed by the customer’s developer. TheCamel Digital Marketing Team can do it for you if requested with an additional charge.

5.6 Reports - TheCamel Digital Marketing Team provides monthly reports of the campaign performance, which will be sent only to you (Except Local SEO Reports). For Duda Pro’s, this means you will need to forward it to our customers.

5.7 Recommendations - TheCamel Digital Marketing Team will advise of any suggestions for improvement or restructuring (if necessary) depending on the current market, demands of the searchers, trends and other key metrics that affect the optimisation and management.

5.8 Targeting - TheCamel Digital Marketing Team's current SEO services were designed to target local areas only and do not accept wide range location targeting such as State or Country wide.

5.9 Platform - TheCamel Digital Marketing Team provides SEM Services to customers with websites built from Duda, Wordpress, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, or any top website builder platforms out there.

5.10 Subscription - All TheCamel Monthly Recurring SEO Services will be billed for the first three months in advance and then on a month-to-month basis from the fourth month and so on.

6. SITE 180

6.1 Site 180 covers up to 10 pages only built using Duda or Basic Camel templates. Additional pages needs to be requested after the site is published and will be charged separately.

6.2 The price of Site 180 is fixed at $180 USD or $270 AUD (ex GST) whether the page count is ten or less pages.

6.3 Turnaround time is from 7 to 10 business days.

6.4 All web contents (texts, images, colour scheme etc), instructions for the website build and the selected template must be submitted through the online build form.

6.5 Only the information submitted through the build form will be used to develop the site.

6.6 Only contents, images, color scheme and branding will be replaced from the chosen template. Overall template layout will remain and there will be no customization allowed.

6.7 TheCamel.co® will use Camel-built widgets for free provided that it is already included on the template you have selected upon site order. Otherwise, it will be invoiced separately.

6.8 One free set of edits (TheCamel.co® defines an edit as a change that requires no redesign of graphics, layout or additional pages.) is allowed after preview link is sent to the customer and up to 3 business days waiting period for the changes to arrive. Otherwise, the free set of edits will be forfeited and changes will be done after the site is live with additional costs.

6.9 Payment is required upon form submission. It is nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full, to another item, credit, or refund.

6.10 Site 180 and Site 300 are not included in any discounts, sale, special promotion and such.

6.11 E-commerce and blog add ons are available but could affect the turnaround time depending on the number of items to be added to the site.


7.1 The Partner Plan has a 12-month lock-in period. If a partner wishes to withdraw before the lock-in period expires, there will be a termination fee based on the number of the remaining months.

7.2 The Partner authorizes TheCamel.co to automatically debit the Partner Plan Monthly Fee (PPMF) from the nominated card entered upon sign up.

7.3 The PPMF will give you $180 credit to be used for Site180, Custom Site, or Premium Site order.

7.4 $180 credit expires at the end of the cycle.

7.5 Technical Work/Support at $20 per hour on this plan only includes technical workarounds and other minor tech work. Major development work, widget customization, API & other third-party apps integration, and the likes are POA and charged at a normal rate. 

7.6 All other products and services that are not mentioned in the plan will be charged the normal rate.

7.7 Sites ordered under this plan are automatically enrolled in Monthly Website Support (MWS) of $20 per site. It is charged once the site is transferred/live or 30 days after completion (published or not), whichever comes first for a minimum of 6 months subscription.

7.8 The MWS fee will automatically be debited from your nominated payment card upon sign up.

7.9 If there is a running promotion, the highest discount will be applied but not both discounts.

7.10 All the other terms and conditions for specific product or service still applies. 


8.1 Any copyrightable works, ideas, discoveries, inventions, patents, products, documents, databases, emails, accounts, passwords, or any other information developed in whole or in part by TheCamel in connection with the provision of services to the client shall be the exclusive property of TheCamel and the client shall retain no ownership, interest, or rights therein.

8.2 The client acknowledges that all Intellectual Property Rights in any Confidential Information or Software developed by TheCamel, and in any enhancement, modification, or customisation of such Software, and in any other material proprietary to TheCamel, vests exclusively in TheCamel, and that the client will not infringe TheCamel’s Intellectual Property Rights, nor seek to exploit or use any such material for its own purposes unless agreed in writing between both parties.

8.3 The client further acknowledges that all Intellectual Property Rights in the Confidential Information and the Software, in any other material proprietary to TheCamel, and in any enhancement, modification or customisation of the Software developed by, utilised by or provided to the client in connection with the client's engagement of TheCamel to provide services to the client remains the property of TheCamel, and the client acquires no right or interest in such property

8.4 Where the client is given access to any such Software or any other thing in which TheCamel has Intellectual Property Rights, and following provision to such access the client authors any works in which copyright subsists, or develops or creates any inventions or processes (whether capable of registration or not) (collectively Works), as legal and beneficial owner the client hereby:

(a)      assigns to TheCamel all right, title and interest in and all rights subsisting in the Works anywhere in the world, including all Intellectual Property Rights in the Works and all proprietary rights subsisting in any material form of the Works;

(b)      assigns to TheCamel all copyright subsisting in the Works which is created in the future;

(c)      agrees to assign to TheCamel the right, title and interest in and to all rights subsisting in future works, anywhere in the world, including the Intellectual Property Rights not assigned under (a) or (b) and the proprietary rights subsisting in any material form of the Works not assigned under (a);

(d)      assigns to TheCamel the right to claim (and retain) any damages and other remedies (including but not limited to an account of profits) for past infringement of and wrongful interference to the Works which arose before this assignment; and

(e)      warrants that the client will procure consents with respect to all moral rights subsisting in the Works, including consent to do all acts or omissions in relation to the Works, whether occurring in the past, present or future, from all clients and contractors involved in the creation of the Works that, but for this consent, would infringe any moral rights or similar rights the client or contractors may have anywhere in the world.

All Intellectual Property Rights (including, without limitation, all database rights, rights in designs, rights in know-how, patents and rights in inventions (in all cases whether registered or unregistered and including all rights to apply for registration) and all other intellectual or industrial property rights in any jurisdiction) in any information, content, materials, data or processes contained in or to this website belong to the TheCamel.co®. All rights of TheCamel.co® in such Intellectual Property Rights are hereby reserved.

Confidentiality with fulfillment partners. TheCamel.co® respects you and your clients and we have a total “Non-Solicit” policy. Your clients and your information are yours and we do not cross the confidential line.
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