Customer Attraction Solutions for a Digital Marketplace

TheCamel.Co® is the go to team when looking for a Duda Fulfillment Partner and Hire a Pro. Why? We are the Global Experts for Digital Customer Attraction Programs, Duda Widgets, Duda API and other Integrations. We are a full service partner that offers Profitable White Label Solutions for Digital Agencies and their SMB Customers.

What makes Customer Attraction Program work so well for Attraction and Conversion?

Four key elements - Design of Awesome Duda Websites, Development of Enhanced Features and Functions, Digital Marketing Expertise with SEO and Google Partner Programs, and last but importantly, Absolute Dedication to Excellence in Support and Service.  

 Design of Awesome Duda Websites

 TheCamel.Co® is a Major Fulfillment Partner for Duda  and has been exclusive to the Duda CMS since 2013. Our passion for the platform is due to its flexibility and Duda’s commitment to ongoing development and the professionalism of the Duda team. TheCamel.Co® has designed and published tens of thousands of sites each year for Duda Agencies and the Global Duda Community. Our passion extends to the creation of our own range of Premium Templates, exciting designs for all business categories that are modular so offer many different design options lowering the need for custom built websites, and delivering a strong Customer Attraction Solution faster and cost effectively. Our Duda fulfilment team has the production capability of new site design or migrations of 1000’s of sites per month. TheCamel.Co® Design element is perfect for agencies looking to build a stronger client base or for agencies with high volume needs. is the goto team for duda Hire a Pro.


Development of Enhanced Features and Functions

The demands of Digital Agencies and SMB clients for additional features and performance from websites is an ever changing environment. Ecommerce, API Integrations, Custom Widgets, Technical Workarounds just to name are a few of the constant daily requests by businesses to compete in the digital market. No CMS can have all that is needed, Duda is no exception. Digital agencies and SMB’s do not want to waste time chasing “other experts or offerings” and with TheCamel.Co ® Duda Development team, it's all in-house so no need to begin a search. 100’s of custom widgets and workarounds, and years of experience in API integrations, have placed TheCamel.Co ® Development team as the go-to contact of the Global Duda Community for Technical and Development Duda Expertise. 


Digital Marketing Expertise with SEO and Google Partner Programs

Customer Attraction and Conversion are the desires of today's agencies and SMB’s. Exposure to the right market is the primary key for success. With 87% of bookers and buyers using the web for choices and decisions being “front of screen '' is something we all aim for, and strong SEO and specifically targeted Ad Campaigns are what will get you to that screen position. TheCamel.Co ® Digital Marketing team with our Whitelabel Local SEO Program, and being an innovative Google Partner will make that happen. Full account and Campaign Management skills from 1 to 1000, has the expertise to fulfill an agency and its SMB partners needs.


Dedication to Excellence in Support and Service. 

TheCamel.Co® teams’ high reputation among the Global Duda Community, our long term relationships with partners, our white label Site180 and Site300 Site Builds, exclusive Duda template designs, development and digital marketing team, TheCamel.Co® has all the Key Elements required by a Digital Agency looking for a strong fulfillment partner for its SMB customers. 
But our resume does not end there, our dedication to our partners, our excellence in support and service is the final element that makes TheCamel.Co® and its Customer Attraction Programs is a must-have discussion when considering a Partner for your digital fulfillment needs.
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