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What’s Happening with in 2020

Shane Hodge • Feb 14, 2020
We really wanted to make 2020 a huge year for Duda Pros and TheCamel, so during the last months of 2019, we asked a lot of questions. We ran polls, sent questionnaires, all themed around:
“What could TheCamel do to help you?”
“What could TheCamel do to help build your business?”
“What could TheCamel do to help you sell more Duda sites?”
“What could TheCamel do to stop you doing things yourself, so you could do more of other money-making things?”
The feedback from everyone sent us to the dungeon, created long nights, a lot of Monster Energy cans were emptied, and we came up with what we believe will help the Duda community needs. Two new products from TheCamel, and I wanted to share them with you.
First, Mates Club. More than just a subscription, we’re giving the VIP experience to the registered members. From discounted technical and design expertise on demand, high-priority assistance, first-in-the-line treatment & exclusives, and more. The feedback showed us that the Duda community has issues with designers that have little, if any, development skills, developers with little high-level design skills, agencies with both skills but not enough of either one sometimes. Cost-effective Duda platform tech or Duda design expertise on demand was identified as highly desirable by the Duda community, so, Mates Club was created.
Mates Club will be launched this March, so stay tuned!
“No need to find a backroom freelancer that has no idea of the Duda platform, beg on Facebook for help, or even if you just don’t feel like doing it. Just come straight to TheCamel, we're your mate, we'll get it fixed!”
Second that was asked for? A professionally designed low cost 5-10 page site. Welcome Site180, a fulfillment package, built and optimised by the expert designers of TheCamel using Duda or TheCamel templates, published in ten days or less. 
“Wow, Duda Pros and agencies can now focus on building bigger sites or stop playing drag and drop. Get Site180, publish more sites and make more money!”
Last but not least, it was not part of the data gathering but a company choice. TheCamel will launch a new look and branding this year. New website, new brand, still Jeffery the camel but an evolution. He is evolving to have a sophisticated global brand identity. Well, that’s the plan. Hope you’re as excited as us!
Hugs from all of us at TheCamel.

07 Sep, 2021
Being at the top of the game is not easy, you'll encounter lose and win but don't stop doing the things that made you successful and make sure to go back to the basics.
Sand timer  on pebbles
By Shane Hodge 04 Aug, 2021
Spend the time you saved on quality fun stuff so you can live long and prosper. Don't waste your time doing things that gave us no joy. Time is limited, use it wisely.
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