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Welcome To The Hotel California

Shane Hodge • Nov 01, 2016

“You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave”. What an awesome song, and would you believe it was recorded by The Eagles 40 years ago? Like hello you can go to any bar anywhere in the world and once the karaoke is on you can be guaranteed you will hear some Chinese, Indian, African, German, Italian you name it nationality belting that song out and playing Air Guitar when the lead break arrives.

Is this blog about international singing and drinking? No, but the theme behind this month’s blog is that one line in that awesome song, “You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave” Yes that one line sums it up and an issue in the business world of today, something that has become almost an addiction to all those that have hung up a shingle and printed business cards.

Yes, if a new song was written maybe the verse would relate to the Hotel Google, and once you check in, once you get addicted to the holy grail called "Front Page" and the never-ending quest to find it, you can never leave.

Yep, you’re stuck in that Hotel and you will never visit another as that quest for Front Page, the belief that has been driven by the 'You need that Front page, it’s all that matters' of many an enticing SEO Email from some obscure place in India or some place that ends in STAN, tells you no way can check out baby. Yes, it doesn’t matter what else you do it’s that front page that is going to make you a gold card holding success story ready to sign up for the corporate jet!

But you know what? I think there is another song we need to start playing, we need to start humming the tune to another Eagles song when opening those emails, we need to sing along to “Lying Eyes”

Yes, folks, I think we have been sold the biggest lemon story of all time, there is more to life than just spending all our hard-earned cash chasing that front-page position, there are other ways to get those customers pounding on the front door, getting that phone to ring off the hook, get those tables reserved, sell those awesome clothes, get people dancing in those new shoes, it’s an age-old system that was around way before Larry Page and Sergey Bin went through puberty (Google Founders).

That system? Promotion driven by another lost art called Imagination all wrapped up in good old fashioned hard work.

But let me make it simple, Promotion? Tell people you’re in business. Yep, hand out business cards, blast it on Facebook, use your website, change it often. Tell people you have great offers, write them on the back of business cards, post them on Facebook have them as popups on your website and get them to tell others and reward them for doing so. Yes, repeat business, referral business will do awesome things for your business and it’s a lot cheaper than what the friendly Indian or Uzbekistan SEO hero is going to charge.

So, consider those “Lying Eyes” and “Check out of that Hotel”, get creative with your website and your promotions and I guarantee you that soon you will be drinking those “Tequila Sunrise” as you enjoy “Life in the fast Lane” (Wow I got four eagles Songs into the ending LOL)

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