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  • By Development Team
  • 01 Jul, 2016

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Did you know 14 million couples define themselves as having a long distance relationship,3.75 million married couples are in a long distance relationship and 75 % of all engaged couples have been (at some point) in a long distance relationship. 10 % of all marriages in the United States started out as a long distance relationship. Wow Love is in the air.

Well get ready for the tissues as I prod your memory with the title of a great Movie ABOUT LDR’s. “Sleepless in Seattle”. What a tear Jerker LRD Movie that was. Meg Ryan and Tom Hank’s were two lost lovers bought together first by a radio program and then via email and finally from coast to coast meeting in the middle with one huge Kleenex moment Line, “We Better Go, Shall We” atop the Empire State Building, ahhh so Romantic.

So what is the Sleepless in Seattle market of the Internet? What brings people together from Coast to Coast, Country to Country? Ecommerce. There are 12-24 million e-commerce stores selling products on the internet around the world today. This sounds like a huge number and an incredibly competitive market, but surprisingly only a small subset, 650,000 stores, are selling more than $1,000 US annually. The vast majority of online stores are simply not generating any meaningful revenue.

Yes, those that do have a great LDR, make it work but statistically only a few make it to a truly worthwhile relationship. But like a lot of boys and girls watching Sleepless in Seattle we in Business all hope and pray that maybe it will be like that someday in our relationships, and somebody our customers will sweep us into their arms and say, “We better Go, Shall we”
But the point behind this blog today is not to promote Ecommerce, the point of my blog today is to say, “Hey” what about the Guys and Gals that live close by, maybe they are ready and waiting for love to? Why are you sending signals across the planet when Love could be just around the corner?

Are you running your SEO Like an LDR? Are you using keywords and phrases to sell steaks in Paris when your restaurant is in the suburbs of Oceanside in California? Are you promoting your discounted Tyres in Uzbekistan when the customers drive past your store in Sydney Road in Coburg? Do you deliver Pizza to Budapest from your corner store in Sunnyvale?
Is your whole SEO and Google Strategy more of an LDR than Local? Do you have a website full of key phrases like, “Best Vegetarian Pizza California” rather than “Best Vegetarian Pizza, Smith Street, Finleyville” what about, “Discount Tyres Victoria” rather than “Discounted Tyres, Smith Street Collingwood”?

How to avoid an LDR with your business in Google? What magnificent secrets are those spam emails from Russia trying to share with you after you spend $1000’s? Well folks I’m going to share it with you, something that has been passed down to me from Generation to Generation and I’m not going to ask you to email me for it.

The Secret? Think like your customers do and create your keywords like that. Wow So Simple huh. Yep, if your Billy Blog Customer sitting at home consoling yourself whilst watching Sleepless in Seattle and feel the need for a Pizza to satisfy your emotional status, what would you type in Google to find the place to stop the Hunger Pangs? If you looking at a set of tyres balder than the Rocks head, what words would you place in the Google Search Box to find a place to replace those round black road holding Rubber?

I will guarantee you it would not be an LDR Sentence, it will be a deep and meaningful, close to where you are plea for satisfaction.
Get Local with your Keywords and Phrases, stop looking for Love in all the wrong places, get local and have more of those moments when your customers pick up your product, look at your menu, and whisper…

“We better Go, Shall we”

Big Hugs from TheCamel
By Development Team 01 Sep, 2017

Let’s take a little stroll back memory lane for a moment, can we? In my case, it’s more like a marathon but it only seems like yesterday. Let’s roll back and remember our High School days. How awesome were they? Puberty and pimples, what a joy! For the boys, it was the embarrassment of the voice breaking, biceps started to be a focus. As for girls? It was a matter of all sorts of things. But, back in the day it was the start of the importance of how you look and what people said about that.

They were tough, emotionally charged times, but one thing is for sure and that is suddenly like a chicken popping out of an egg, boys and girls finally started to notice each other in strange and unusual ways and one major event of the High School Year made this “Attraction” more noticeable than ever, what was it that fired up the intensity to a fever pitch?

 The High School Ball.

Wow, did life get exciting the moment that event was announced at the morning assembly. Screams of “What will I wear?” could be heard across the school yard, boys whispering to each other, “Who are you going to ask as your date?”. But that was just the preamble. The whole focus was that suddenly, these teenagers became like a bunch of crazy people totally focused on looking their best to make sure they got noticed by the ones they wanted to be noticed by.

Mums were stressed about dresses and hair, dads were stressed with paying for this and for that, hours would be spent at shops, hairdressers, suit hire would be flat out as all the boys tried to come to terms with tying a bow tie for the first time in their lives. All this action to make sure of one thing, to make sure you looked great and smelt great, so you would be noticed by the ones that you wanted to be noticed by. To be the Belle of the Ball? Was an important moment in your life.

So, what does being the Belle of the Ball and a Website have in common? So happy you asked that question. Well, your website? Is always trying to be the Belle of the Ball, to be the one that’s noticed more by the people you want it to be noticed by, and who do you really want it noticed by? Ah, the best-looking partner in the room, that one you secretly lay in bed at night thinking about, yes, the Front Page of Google!

So, like the teenager was trying on the best clothes, going to best hairdresser, covering up all those pimples with as much foundation as possible, your Website to be attractive to the one that matters most? Needs some special treatment.

Key words, call to action, mobile friendly and optimized, SEO work, all these are the things you need to make sure are in place to be attractive to the one you need to be attractive to. Getting your content right, having pictures the right size, these are the hairdressers and suit hire of your business today.

So, if you want to be the Belle of the Google Ball, make that front page so those that you need to notice are lining up for that first dance, make sure you have an SEO Plan in place, or maybe get somebody to help you out.


Big Hugs from TheCamel.

By Development Team 02 Aug, 2017
Ok famous line from a famous Movie, Top Gun. Wow, adrenalin packed 90 minutes, F18’s zooming across the sky, dog fights, it was awesome and that one line from Tom Cruise, “I feel the need, the need for speed” has become the catch cry before you put the pedal to the metal and zoom off down the highway or if you’re lucky strap yourself into your F18 and go and catch the clouds. I don’t think many of us would have an F18 sitting in our garage huh.

These days though, I feel the need for speed is no longer just screamed out by the petrol heads and sky pilots, that one line has become part and parcel of every web site build design sheet presented to a builder.

Yep, thanks to good old Google making us all 100% paranoid our potential customers will leave us quicker than you can say “Chester’s Dead” (another famous line in Top Gun) if our websites don’t load in under a few seconds. “The Need for Speed” is high on a customers want list.

The point is though that the majority of customers want this speed, but they also want the site to be sexy, awesome, state of the art, graphically enhanced, a few special effects here and there, like hey I need to stand out from the crowd type site. (This is on top of the often asked for minor request of being page one in Google)

So, at this point let me clarify a major issue, for something to go fast? We must consider a very important issue and that is weight. Formula One cars, MotoGP bikes, F18’s, horses even humans can go fast as long as long as they don’t weigh a lot, and if you want to go faster in any of these? Well, you have to start throwing out some ballast.

Heavyweights don’t win the 100 meters at the Olympics, folks.

So, let’s look at that website. Do you really need those 5000 pictures? What about that 190 pages of technical text? Those three videos you wanted to play on the slider? Do you think you can do without them?

When your customer is requesting speed but they still want all the goodies, maybe you should start singing “Highway to the danger zone” and remind them that’s it’s hard for a pig to fly and we might need to let go of some of the goodies, streamline the site a little, stick to facts and click to call, use more PDF’s and zippyty doo dah that site will fly.

Then you can ride off into the sunset on the back of a motorcycle and let the credits roll.

Big Hugs from TheCamel
By Development Team 03 Jul, 2017

Nothing better than seeing a pond in garden, water lilies, maybe even frogs hopping around. You see birds fly by, then once they spot the clear crystal water they can’t help themselves but swoop down and have a bit of play in the cool refreshing water.

It’s easy to keep the pond full of happiness, just need to keep the water fresh and alive, mix it up a bit, and for years it will be a real live place of activity and new life, what a joy!

But what if you don’t add water, what if there is a genuine lack of attention and TLC?

Well, it will start to turn green, the frogs will pack up and run away and “Croak” somewhere else, the birds will fly past, take a quick smell and let out a tweet of “eeeooww” and visit another pool close by.

Yep, still water sooner than later ends up smelling bad and nobody will visit and the pond ends up being a green and yucky mess.

Websites are a lot like a pond in the garden of your business.

They start off all clear and glimmer, customers bounce along and visit, business blooms. It’s a real joy for you and everyone else when it’s all brand new.

Then as time goes on? You stop adding things, changing things, updating things. Your customers visit until the smell is bad and the scream of “eeeooww” shakes the PC screen or their phone shakes in their trembling hands and sooner than later they go and visit another pond (‘business’).

Yes folks, like the pond in your garden, your website not only needs TLC. It needs some regular churning up and a top up with fresh water to stop the stagnation process.

Yes, those pictures of you or your products look a little stale after you have seen them a few times. That menu when viewed is greeted with “Wow we have eaten all of that”. The specials you put up when the website was first made live 5 years ago? Well, they no longer even manufacture those products.

So today, the advice we are going to give is simple - Don’t let your website turn into a smelly pond where nobody wants to visit.

Get regular with your updates, treat your website like you do your social media pages, get weekly offers going, make sure you’re updating your pictures. If you have an active social media program, make sure you have a live feed on your website so it’s always in a state of constant refresh.

You do all this and I guarantee you nobody will say “eeeooww” about your site and it won’t become a green and yucky mess.

I can’t guarantee you will be visited by frogs though, LOL.


 Big Hugs from TheCamel

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