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With Customers using mobile more than ever, local SEO has risen in importance, but the ride isn’t over yet. Starting right now, we anticipate that local SEO will become even more impactful and more useful for businesses. Here’s why.
Google loves local businesses and Wi-Fi and Mobile Data are allowing us to do more Local Searches.
Unless you’re a Global Business you need people to know your close by, if your selling Pizzas or fixing Plumbing in Brooklyn are you interested in customers from London? We knew what your answer would be and that is why we have designed a Local Specific SEO Program, focusing on getting you noticed close by not a plane trip away.
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The Duda Doctor is a service to help out Duda Pros when problems surface that need a specialist. Maybe it’s a coding issue, a new feature and you need a little help to make it work or make it right, well that’s when you can call on the Duda doctor. And with Prices starting from $25USD, no need to waste hours or days trying to figure it out yourself.
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One thing we can guarantee in life? Things change and on your duda site that could be a name a phone number, a service, a picture moved here or replaced there. You could be looking at one edit or many, but small or large they can take precious time. The edits insurance program is a monthly set fee that gives you access to us making the edits for you. 

One or Many doesn’t matter, we are here to take care of it for you. Just a simple call, email, or even a Facebook message and we will take care of the edits for you. With one low fee of $15USD a Month, it’s cost effective peace of mind.
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Everything people think and feel about your business starts with your brand and their experiences with it.
Branding is so much more than a logo. It's a perception defined by what people say about you when you're not in the room. It’s first Impression of your Business
• Logo Concept & Design
• Brand Identity 
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“Let’s make some Noise” Promotion, Deals, Specials, offers announcements are what todays internet searches are looking for when they land on your site and with DudaOne sites they can hear your announcements loud and clear with Insite and Popup features. Not just set and forget the Insite feature with Duda allows you to have Insites programmed for activation such as, time of day, device even first time visitors. 

This feature gives you incredible flexibility for all your promotions ideas. With our Customer Attraction Design and Publish service, we can not only design awesome looking Insites and popups but we can also take care of the technical side and get them published fast and excited customers pressing on the call to action and you doing more business. Design and Publish prices start from $15USD. 
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