In business today you need many things to survive let alone grow. In this Mobile Internet World, you can sum it up with three points;
(1) You need a website that has an awesome first impression on all devices that people use.
(2) You need Promotions and offers that change constantly and attract attention, and 
(3) you need to be present in a Google search as quite simply if people can’t find you? It’s going to be tough. 
You need a Customer Attraction Program (CAP) and that is what Trilogy is. 


Multiscreen Website
The First Attraction of Trilogy? A Fully Customized Multi-screen Website that will deliver that First Awesome Impression of Your Business on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. So no matter who sees it using whatever device, they will see your business in its most attractive way. No Zooming, No Pinching No reading glasses required.


The Second Attraction? Headlines that guarantee change to new and existing customers in “What’s on Offer” or “What’s happening with your Business”.™ Custom Designs and Installs Monthly Promotions, Newsletters, Special Offers just like the change of a front window display of a Dress shop. Headlines guarantees that people won’t say, “Seen That Before” each time they visit your website. And with Trilogy Headlines? We can program that display, time of day, device, location, first or second visit to your website and more can make sure that your business is constantly offering attractive options to those that are looking.


Search Engine Optimizaton
The Third Attraction? When people search Google for a business or product just like yours? They can find you. The key ingredient of being seen on Google is constant SEO (Search Engine Optimization) making sure that your site is constantly updated with the right information, keywords, image size, directory listings, formatting to stay in the sights of Google. With™ Trilogy we will make sure all SEO is right from the moment your CAP is made live and we will update and monitor every month to make sure it stays that way and you can always be seen.
Trilogy CAP, a Monthly program making sure your Business is Attractive and getting new business, changing the shop front and maintaining the Google presence.



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