SITE 300

SITE 300

Sometimes we need more, maybe not a full custom built website where you will spend crazy time and money, but a website that is custom and unique in design, has all the features you need, can be slightly customized and looks great as a first web impression.

Well, TheCamel listened and we developed Site 300 and made Great Websites Affordable.


What is SITE 300?

Site 300 is a 5-10 Page website that is built using Exclusive Premium Templates, super designs from our Team that will be great Customer Attraction Programs and more than satisfy those looking for a Custom Built Website but dont have the budget. Premium Templates have been designed to really impress, with designs for all Business from Pubs, Accountants, Lawyers, Hotels to name a few and to make sure we keep impressing? We add ten new premium designs a month. In addition all designs are modular so another bonus feature of Site 300 is you can take a style of one site you like and incorporate it into the layout of another. Just another great custom feature of Site 300.

So, like we say with Site 180, why would you build it yourself? Site 300 gives you another reason to ask that question. For $300? Let focus on building great Custom Looking Sites for your customers and you focus on building a busier business. 

Premium Templates

Bringing Great Design Ideas To Completion


Get your SITE 300 in 6 easy steps:

    1. Complete the BUILD FORM

        You need to fill in our Build Form with COMPLETE and specific information including images, contents and chosen template. Only the information collected from the build form will be used to build the website.

    2. Make PAYMENT

        Within the build form, you will be required to enter your payment details as required upon form submission.

    3. TheCamel to BUILD YOUR SITE

        Once payment has been received, TheCamel will start the build straight to Duda Platform (under TheCamel account) based on the chosen Camel Premium Templates. Only the selected sections from your secondary template, contents, images, color scheme and branding will be replaced from the chosen template. Overall layout will remain and there will be no major customization like redesign or custom-made elements allowed.

    4. PREVIEW LINK will be sent to you for REVIEW

        Website development will take 7-10 business days and when completed, the preview link will be sent to you, so you could review how the website looks on desktop, tablet, and mobile device.

    5. Apply final CHANGES

        TheCamel will allow two (2) sets of free changes and any succeeding changes will be charged US $15 per hour. Free changes are valid within 3 business days upon receipt of the preview link, otherwise free changes will be forfeited.

    6. Site TRANSFER and PUBLISH

        After the changes have been applied or when 3 business days are up after site submission, TheCamel will request for the site to be transferred to your account. From your account, you can publish your website and make it live and even make edits on the site yourself.




One of the main questions that we faced with site 300 is “What if my content does not fit the layout?”. We normally answer this with, “We’re sorry Mr. Customer, due to our terms, you will either have to trim your content or provide us with one that’ll fit”. Frustrating right? Well, this add-on is a way around that. 

For a small price of US$30, you can send us your desired content, and if it does not fit? We will adjust the template’s layout in order to accommodate your content. Now, your concern may be “Well, I like the way it feels now, if we are to adjust it, how will it look?” Well our dear customers, you may rest easy as our designers will still ensure that the redesigned layout will still match the overall feel of the website. Great deal right? Just send over the content to us and our designers will use their creative minds to cater your needs!


Another question that we faced with site 300 is “My content fits the layout no problem. but, can I get you guys to change a certain layout on the template?”. Our answer, “We’re sorry Mr. Customer, due to our terms, we will only stick with the layout of the templates that we currently have or use a different layout from a different template or page?” Bummer. 

Well now, the layout add-on is here. For the same price of US$30, you can now adjust certain layouts that you want to! Just tell us the specific part that you want to change and our team will do it for you. It adds a bit of time to the usual site 300 timeline but hey, it’s still quicker than building out an entire site from scratch.

What are you waiting for? Avail these add-ons on your site 300 orders now!


The website of any business is now the "Shopfront" to the Online World. This E-Commerce site looks great, cost effective and is all ready-to-go to grab those online orders.



    Can We Customize the Layout of the Template?

        Yes. But it is limited to the additional sections that you will pick from your secondary template. The layout of the section will remain the same but the design and the details will be adjusted to match the main template.

        However, if you avail our Flexible Layout Add-On, you are free to change the layout of your selected parts on your chosen template. Please do bear in mind that this add-on does NOT cover sitewide layout changes. Additionally, please note that you have to provide us with specific instruction on how you want us to change the layout of a selected section.

    What if my content does not fit the layout?

        If you ordered the base package of site 300, you are required to provide us with a content that will fit the layout of your selected templates. Otherwise, we will either trim the content or use dummy text initially. 

        However, if you availed our Flexible Content Add-on, you can just send over the content to us and we will adjust the layout while still retaining the feel of your chosen template. Please note that you have to provide specific instruction on where you want to place the contents.

    Can I Guarantee That I Will Receive the Site within 7 - 10 Business Days?

        Yes, because we don’t allow back and forth on site 300. What we have on the build form will be the only content of your site.

    What If My Site Is an E-Commerce? Can I Still Avail the Site 300?

        Yes, it will be an add-on and needs to be stated on the build form.

    What If I Have Blogs on My Site? Can I Still Avail the Site 300?

        Yes, it will be an add on and needs to be stated on the build form as well.

    What If I Want More Than 10 Pages on My Site? Can I Still Avail the Site 300? What Would Be the Cost for the Other Pages?

        Yes, however, we have to build the first 10 pages only. Once everything is set, we can then add the remaining pages. Each page will cost US$30.

    What if I want to use Basic Camel or Duda templates?

        Site300 is exclusive for Premium Camel Templates only. Site orders with the use of Basic Camel or Duda templates will be under Site 180 plan which can be viewed here

    What if I only want to use 1 template?

        That is fine. We will be using that template alone to build your site.

    What if I want to add a Camel widget that is not included on the template or have some custom technical work on my site?

        Any additional Camel widget or technical work is not included in this plan. However, if you want to have additional widgets or have us do some technical works for you, you will have to wait until the build is finished, and then we will give you a separate quotation for the additional services.


Affordable solutions for your website needs.

Looking to get an amazing and unique design with a touch of creativity for your website business? We are here to help!
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