SITE 180

SITE 180

Site180 is’s low cost high quality entry level Customer Attraction Program. Site180 with its exciting templates is a fabulous solution for Agencies as an offering for Higher Volume or Entry Level Sites. 5-10 pages fixed cost, quick turnaround, optional duda ecommerce Site180 might be the Low Cost Web solution you're looking for.


Site180 is our Low Cost Website Build. Using TheCamel’s or duda Basic Templates Site180 can be creatively designed, with quick turnaround times at a price that any agency would have to ask, “Why would we do it Ourselves”.
Our main goal with Site180 is to give your SMB Clients the best user experience website in a small span of time, hassle free and no back and forth and help your agency increase revenues. Site180 is well targeted for High Volume Builds or as a low cost site offering. Ecommerce can easily be added as an option, and our Digital Marketing Solutions can also be offered to create a great Monthly Package.
Get your 5 to 10 page Site180 website built in 5-7 business days for only US$180. A great Introduction into Customer Attraction Programs.


    1. Complete the BUILD FORM

        You need to fill in our Build Form with COMPLETE and specific information including images, contents and chosen template. Only the information collected from the build form will be used to build the website.

    2. Make PAYMENT

        Within the build form, you will be required to enter your payment details as required upon form submission.

    3. TheCamel to BUILD YOUR SITE

        Once payment has been received, TheCamel will start the build straight to Duda Platform (under TheCamel account) based on the chosen Duda or Camel Template. Only contents, images, color scheme and branding will be replaced from the chosen template. Overall layout will remain and there will be no customization allowed.

    4. PREVIEW LINK will be sent to you for REVIEW

        Website development will take 5-7 business days and when completed, the preview link will be sent for you to see and review how the website looks on desktop, tablet and mobile device.

    5. Apply final CHANGES

        TheCamel will allow one (1) set of free changes and any succeeding changes will be charged US $15 per hour. Free changes is valid within 3 business days upon receipt of the preview link, otherwise free changes will be forfeited.

    6. Site TRANSFER and PUBLISH

        After the changes have been applied or when 3 business days are up after site submission, TheCamel will request for the site to be transferred to your account. From your account, you can publish your website and make it live and even make edits on the site yourself.




The website of any business is now the "Shopfront" to the Online World. This E-Commerce site looks great, cost effective and is all ready-to-go to grab those online orders.


  • Site 180 covers up to 10 pages only built using Duda or Basic Camel templates. Additional pages needs to be requested after the site is published and will be charged separately.
  • The price of Site 180 is fixed at $180 USD or $270 AUD (ex GST) whether the page count is ten or less pages.
  • Turnaround time is from 5 to 7 business days.
  • All web contents (texts, images, colour scheme etc), instructions for the website build and the selected template must be submitted through the online build form. 
  • Only the information submitted through the build form will be used to develop the site.
  • Only contents, images, color scheme and branding will be replaced from the chosen template. Overall template layout will remain and there will be no customization allowed.
  •® will use Camel-built widgets for free provided that it is already included on the template you have selected upon site order. Otherwise, it will be invoiced separately.
  • One free set of edits (® defines an edit as a change that requires no redesign of graphics, layout or additional pages.) is allowed after preview link is sent to the customer and up to 3 business days waiting period for the changes to arrive. Otherwise, the free set of edits will be forfeited and changes will be done after the site is live with additional costs. 
  • Payment is required upon form submission. It is nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full, to another item, credit, or refund.
  • Site 180 is not included in any discounts, sale, special promotion and such.
  • E-commerce and blog add ons are available but could affect the turnaround time depending on the number of items to be added to the site.


    Can We Customize the Layout of the Template?

        There will be no changes on the layout of your chosen template. It is what it is! We will only change the contents, images, color scheme and branding.

    Can I Guarantee That I Will Receive the Site within 5 - 7 Business Days?

        Yes, because we don’t allow back and forth on site 180. What we have on the build form will be the only content of your site.

    What If My Site Is an E-Commerce? Can I Still Avail the Site 180?

        Yes, it will be an add-on and needs to be stated on the build form. You can view this add-on here.

    What If I Have Blogs on My Site? Can I Still Avail the Site 180?

        Yes, it will be an add on and needs to be stated on the build form as well.

    What If I Want More Than 10 Pages on My Site? Can I Still Avail the Site 180? What Would Be the Cost for the Other Pages?

        Yes, however, we have to build the first 10 pages only. Once everything is set, we can then add the remaining pages. Each page will cost US$25.

    What if I want to use Premium Camel Templates?

        Site180 is exclusive for Duda and Basic Camel Templates only. Site orders with the use of Premium Camel Templates will be under TheCamel's standard plan which can be viewed here

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