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Site180 is our Low Cost Website Build. Using TheCamel’s or duda Basic Templates Site180 can be creatively designed, with quick turnaround times at a price that any agency would have to ask, “Why would we do it Ourselves”.

Our main goal with Site180 is to give your SMB Clients the best user experience website in a small span of time, hassle free and no back and forth and help your agency increase revenues. Site180 is well targeted for High Volume Builds or as a low cost site offering. Ecommerce can easily be added as an option, and our Digital Marketing Solutions can also be offered to create a great Monthly Package.

Get your 5 to 10 page Site180 website built in 5-7 business days for only US$180. A great Introduction into Customer Attraction Programs.


Site 300 is a 5-10 Page website that is built using Exclusive Premium Templates, super designs from our Team that will be great Customer Attraction Programs and more than satisfy those looking for a Custom Built Website but dont have the budget. Premium Templates have been designed to really impress, with designs for all Business from Pubs, Accountants, Lawyers, Hotels to name a few and to make sure we keep impressing? We add ten new premium designs a month. In addition all designs are modular so another bonus feature of Site 300 is you can take a style of one site you like and incorporate it into the layout of another. Just another great custom feature of Site 300.

So, like we say with Site 180, why would you build it yourself? Site 300 gives you another reason to ask that question. For $300? Let focus on building great Custom Looking Sites for your customers and you focus on building a busier business. 
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US$20 per site per month*
TheCamel not only gives you the first web impression for your customers but also provides you with a service dedicated to supporting and keeping your customers’ websites at its best performance.

This monthly website support program is a cost-effective monthly subscription with a minimum of 6 months commitment. This covers unlimited minor changes or requests such as a change in text, images, color scheme, and other minor site repairs that do not considerably affect the layout of the site and do not involve technical work. Plus you also get one (1) free blog posting per month. Other website support not covered by this program will be charged $15 per hour (except Technical support which will be charged $25 per hour).

Additional features and functionalities such as a blog post or a new page are not covered by this subscription and will be invoiced separately.

Proven our experience and expertise using the Duda platform, we’ll take care of the little annoying site changes. Your life will be much easier and you can focus on getting more business and be more profitable.
*Charged once the website is live, transferred, or after 30 days from website completion, whichever comes first. All website plans above are automatically enrolled in the Monthly Website Support program for at least 6 months. You can opt-out after the 6 months has lapsed by sending us an email or a request to cancel this service before it renews.

**If the hours of a minor edit/change are a bit unreasonable, we will have a chat about it


E-Commerce Setup with up to 10 product entries $100
-- Additional Product Entry $2 per product entry
Blog Post $10 per blog post
Promotional Pop-up (Setup and Design) $20 per pop-up
Mock up Design (2 Versions) $50
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SUPPORT HOSTING & MIGRATION can also white label monthly support packages for Unlimited Basic Edits and Changes. We can also offer Monthly Hosting of your duda sites.

If you're an Agency with Many sites hosted on another platform and are looking at moving those designs over to the duda platform, TheCamel has the experience and team to take care of that for you. With a set fee per page and our team's ability to handle development needs, TheCamel can handle migration projects of 100’s to 1000’s of sites.

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