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Why and How
TheCamel.co Builds Your New Site

A message from Shane Hodge - CEO of TheCamel.co

Your website is one of the most important asset your business has. It’s the “Online” first impression of your business, so it’s best if it’s awesome as there is no second chance on that!

With a world of DIY, it’s easy to make a website yourself, but the question, “Is that really a good idea?” It’s okay if you’re a trained designer but if you’re not? Maybe it’s a better idea to get a professional to make the first impression one to remember.

But, I know there can be factors that can stop you from getting a professional and one is cost. Well, TheCamel.co knows that and we have worked hard to get the best platform in Duda and doubly hard to create the best price to build your site. 

So I look forward to sending you a quote you will be excited about and then we are even more excited to design and build that sensational first impression.

Best Wishes,

Shane Hodge

So, let’s get started…


We build awesome dudamobile with custom buttons or bars and that’s pretty simple


Let me take it a little further and explain the design philosophy of TheCamel.co™

We build Dynamic Design Customer Attraction Programs.

We don’t like to refer to them as websites, as frankly websites to us are just a glossy online brochure. DudaOne is here not to just gather, “Wow, look at that!” when people see the site on their screen, it’s much more than that.

DudaOne is designed to give an awesome first impression to attract people and turn them into customers. We don’t design flash driven sites and we stay away from rebuilding Wikipedia, with way too much information - nobody reads it. We love dynamic design as it’s not just ONE device. TheCamel.co designs with 3 dynamic site designs – desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Why three designs? Well, each one of those devices has a different need for the user. They don’t want to see a version that just gets smaller as people move from device to device. With TheCamel.co our sites are designed to satisfy the needs of what people are using at the time to look at your business. If you wonder why that’s important? 

It’s called migration. When people are searching for a product or service, they will often use the trilogy of devices (desktop/tablet/mobile) to find what they are looking for. We therefore believe each device needs it’s own style, operation and the information the user receives needs to be tailored to that device. Why? To stop frustration. I’m not joking, if they get frustrated and shout “This is not helping me” they will move to another exciting site to satisfy their needs. We don’t want that to happen and that is why we implement a dynamic design in all our DudaOne designs.
TheCamel.co loves inSite

DudaOne is all about being a promotion machine. We don’t want people arriving at a customer’s site and saying, “Oh well, same old same old” How do we stop that attitude? We do that by recommending designing and implementing inSites on a customer’s site each month. What’s the easiest way to explain inSite? It’s a promotion. What used to be a flyer in a letterbox, a sandwich board out the front of a business, an advertisement in the local newspaper, something that offered daily specials, sign up now, winter spring summer fall specials, all those things we now create an “inSite” so it’s on your Customer Attraction Program, front and center. 

An inSite is an attention grabbing promotion that people will see when they visit your customer’s site, no same old same old with DudaOne. When a customer arrives at the site and they are thinking, “Why should I book or buy here?” An inSite will give them the answer they are looking for.

So that our design philosophy for DudaMobile, DudaOne and inSite.


How to do we build sites for you?

The First Step? Great briefs Make not only great sites but they make them quicker to build with less back and forth between you and your customers and you and TheCamel.co

So we created TheCamel.co™ Dudamobile and DudaOne build sheet and we put it online as well http://trilogyform.thecamel.net/

The Build form contains all the questions you need to ask to gather all the information so we can go to work and create an awesome customer attraction program for your customer.

You can upload Pictures, we have links to our templates, style sheet ideas we even ask if there is any other websites they like the style of, we want to take away the need for you or us having to acquire, “Mind Reading” skills.

When the form is done all you need to is click, “Send” and its emailed to us and we are basically ready to move onto the next step which is creating a mock up.


With the information you have sent us on the TheCamel.co DudaOne build sheet, our designers get to work on creating a design for your new Customer Attraction Program.

We then create a full design and style mockup of the front page for you.

This process normally takes 3 days but is sometimes sooner. We then send the mock up to you as a PDF file which you can then take a look at show to partners, even family and get their input.

You can then make suggestions for changes, edits to the design and you simply email us those changes.

We then make the adjustments and return for your approval, once you have sent us that approval we move to the next stage which is creating a full Dynamic Content site in the DudaOne platform.


We design and build all sites in TheCamel.co™ account. We do this as it is a policy that we are the designers until the site is published, after the site is published we transfer the site to your account and you can edit and change as much as you like. We will even give you videos if you need them to help.
We do this as it’s an old saying that, “Too many cooks spoil the broth” The other point is if the pot gets burnt? There is only one cook to blame…TheCamel

The site is built and when we have completed it we send you the unpublished link that you can then test on your PC, tablet and mobile. This part of the building process takes between 7 and 10 Days depending on the page numbers of the design.

We allow for one round of edits or changes to the site at this unpublished stage. You simply forward to us the edits or changes and they are then implemented.


When we have completed any further edits or changes and you have approved the site we are ready to publish and make the site live. TheCamel.co™ build form asks for information such as DNS Hosting, Cpanel Access so usually we have enough information to make the site live and it’s part of our pricing to do that for you. We ask you for this information if it’s missing when we receive the original form. But if we still don’t have the information? We ask that you supply that as soon as possible.

We then send the information that’s needed to the DNS host, make the changes within the dudaOne platform, make all the SEO Set Up settings such as meta tags and your site is now ready to go live. When payment is made, the site is then transferred by us to your own duda account and we’ll then hit PUBLISH. Voila, your site is now LIVE.

All things are done and you’re excited!

But we know at this point you have some questions. Let’s now answer those.


What is an EDIT?

An edit is text, or a picture that needs to be moved on a page or made larger or smaller. 

What is a CHANGE?

A change is anything that needs to be redesigned. 

What if we need more thanone set ofedits or changes? 

We cover that in our Terms and Conditions but it’s a chargeable item. 

What if TheCamel.codoesn’t read my emails andmakes a mistake?

Yes, we are human and that happens, but we are also happy to admit our mistakes and we fix them at our cost not yours.

Is TheCamel.co good at design?

Of course we will say yes, but please check out our gallery of templates and designs. CLICK HERE 

Have we built many sites?

1000’s from butchers to plumbers to hairdressers to 5-star hotels. We are also the trusted fulfillment partner for duda pros in the USA, Europe, and Asia Pacific, one man teams and major corporates.


We not only build sensational Dudamobile and DudaOne Customer Attraction Programs, we are pretty handy at building stylish logos. We can also use those new logo’s to update all social media pages with a new look and if needed we can even set them up.
If it’s more than a logo? We can create a total new or updated Corporate Identity Program.

We have already said how much we love inSite and we love to design and publish those for your customers. 

When the site is live, we can even offer support for you with our unlimited edits monthly program again making it easier for you to focus on getting more customers rather than slaving over your laptop making edits.

Last but not least? SEO? We have a range of programs that we offer, from Basic right up to custom targeted levels.

TheCamel.co Terms and Conditions

Simple and fair and you can take a look at them in full

But let me share with you a summary of the ones we know you want to know right now.

* Payment Terms. If the project value is below $300 USD we don’t ask for payment until the site is to be published. Above $300 USD we ask for 50% deposit and the balance before the site is to go live.
What is an EDIT what is a CHANGE.
An edit is text, or a picture that needs to be moved on a page or made larger or smaller. A change is anything that needs to be redesigned.
That just about covers the basics of TheCamel.co Duda Hire-a-Pro plan but you may have more questions that we have not covered here, and we are more than happy to answer them.

So feel free to email Shane at shane@thecamel.co or he is on skype and his id is: shanejefferyhodge

So until then, we wish you all the best and look forward to fulfilling your First Impression needs with the Duda platform.

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